I Wish

Don’t get me started, he said,

on doctors and teachers,

and he took in his breath.

Bloody useless, he said.

And exhaled.

It was all he could do:

breathe, have a good rant.

His legs were shot, not his mind.

The eyes blazed with knowledge.

And life. Bloody life.

Lot of fuss, really.

You live. You die.

Wouldn’t it be nice, he said,

to fall asleep and not wake.

That’d be it; nice and easy

3 thoughts on “I Wish

  1. Regarding your closing statement-I’ve often had that thought myself…but then I might miss out on something mildly significant tomorrow…

  2. The “eyes blazed with knowledge” in my view, it’s a knowing what’s coming next/knowing exactly what the current position is for the “he” in this piece. I like what you did there. Also, the empathetic nature in what is projected here, which is a seemingly impossible situation “he” has found himself in.

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