An Idea of Love

He hid his eyes beneath a brim

but not so much he could not see

the way one lip just touched the other,

how they glistened with liquor;

how she inclined her head.

He imagined she might figure

in a dream in which he was what he was not:

sure and positive, the man who looked up

and women saw in his eyes that he was love

and passion; that he might approach with a suggestion

for an assignation: a man of assurance.

That would be the way; he saw himself

in snappy trousers and two-tones,

cigarette on an elegant petulant lip,

bright braces up a bursting chest.

Too many films, probably;

too many half-light dreams.

3 thoughts on “An Idea of Love

  1. Too cool John, love how the poem ‘snaps’ when it crosses over from reality into fantasy, that ‘sure and positive’. The hat and brim of shadow are a great motif, and as Orion mentions, those ‘half-light dreams’. Have been tied up in legal matters of late, hardly time to read posts on this site. Well-worth reading this, for sure.

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