Jesus Fallen

In the painting the man has a gun

and he is on a rumpled bed and, above,

a statue of Jesus is suspended upside down.

What are we to think?

That the man has lost faith?

In himself – in life – in his god?

Some were frightened, the curator said.

Not by art, surely –

But perhaps they saw themselves in that man;

saw an element of torture and loss; or a man

preparing to challenge a villain, or a man

looking for himself and finding nothing.

Perhaps they saw nothing: just a man

on a bed holding a pistol, as men do

2 thoughts on “Jesus Fallen

  1. Can’t agree more with Jason, John, bloody great piece, and totally engages this reader. Indeed, as men do, like the fools we are, we toy with that pistol. The possible significance of an upside down Jesus is rendered so well in your piece as well as well as the reactions to it. Do you know the artist, the painter’s name?

  2. I like this theme of a guy sitting on a bed with a pistol something I totally relate past experiences with, we’lll be hunting up ourselves a cabin next! Excellent post!

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