Think like a winner

Tired of bearing a pessimistic feeling,

With emotions turning the mind and reeling,

A heavy burden on heart does force,

Some intense pressure without any source.


Unconditioned with fortune, yet looking to blame,

Trying to certain a reason like a lame,

Unable to focus whenever in a game,

And spoiling the crimsoned name and fame.


Astonished as anyone can be,

Disheartened like a losing bee,

Clicking on without any fee,

And always abiding by the common decree.


What to do and where to go,

Does arise as question to and fro,

Is it a common practice or just silliness?

To circumvent around and get tired in dizziness.


Failure to motivate self, and depressed as always,

Trashing all gains for trivial sways,

Dwindling amongst self and motives of mind,

Thinking uselessly and inconsequentially getting rewind.

Where is lost the peace though there is silence,

Amidst expertise, yet looking for guidance,

Trying to figure out the best motive to survive,

Peacefully even in arduous way of life.


Every individual urges to rise above tides,

Never to be restricted by uneven rides,

People ask me to glide above rough waters,

To foresee the future, howsoever in tatters.


People do motivate me to think positive,

To act real as a winner and be adaptive,

Never do I refrain from self fear,

Rather win over it and become crystal clear.


Keep no suspicion in mind, howsoever strong a feeling be,

Keep all gates open wide, like a bright fruitful tree,

To learn from failures and experiences in sight,

And win over tough situations with all might.


Fight be your destiny, do claim the wise,

And victory be your testimony as the sole prize,

Nature be it nurtured through an open channel,

Success be the drop dripping through funnel.

——————-            JASJIT SINGH SODHI

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