To Be Your Man

I’ve been circling like a satellite by this time I have reached your sight, there is no disguise, i’m trying to be wise.

Like the earth revolving around the sun, but with gravity there is none, but we are one, so let it be done.

I want to say I’m coming home we are free, its just you and me, happy as can be, will you be with me, please invest and you will see.

All the stars will line up because of you, and your beauty too, a thousand times, because a soul it binds, I see the signs.

I swallow your thunder clouds and I’ll cry rain drops, until it stops, I chew on mountain tops and break up all the bad rocks.

I’m crying out in the desert sand, I got to understand, I’m backing off again, I want to be your man, not just a fan.

I’ll never give up, ill never let you down, I don’t want to be a clown, please do not frown, I’ll bring you the crown.

Will you be around?

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