Swallowing Their Crap

The media is the devils sister brainwashing you like the beast that reaches you inside, It’s like you are an animal locked up in the cage telling you what to think.

They try to make you assimilate you and forever preaching and twisting their darkest scheming, watching you rise and follow deceiving your salvation with such a lack of compassion.

With a funnel they fill the sickness in you and yet they make you think you get some sort of attention, what are the reasons that it is leading you, what do you think you had?

Make them go away, all truth will soon all be gone because times have changed, do i stand alone as independency is killed like a lame dog.

All the shit they make you intake and the other they will fake and hide, half truths are the forecast of today and tomorrow and yet when it is night they say the sun is shining.

The problem is not external it is internal.

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