Loud Minorities

When there are those who try to set you back,
who think they have a claim on what you do, how
you write or what to think, also remember they are not you.

When a group feels they should impose on you that you should think,
listen to me and agree or you are a bigot or worse,
are they not doing exactly what they are preaching against?

Is there no such thing as freedom of thought, freedom of mind?
Why is their view right and your view wrong?
They say that you are being controlled, but are they not trying to control you,
yet somehow you have become this bad person in their view.

Do not be pushed into things, if it feels wrong then it probably is,
don’t be poisoned.

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  1. Mark Prisco Mark Prisco says:

    hi Greg,
    i can’t see any poetry in this (it’s not subjective). It’s a rant. You might jot it down in your diary as a sort of release, but i wouldn’t. If someone really is interfering with your freedom of thought, then i hope it stops.

  2. Haha … not laughing but I have written in similar vein about writing poetry … when others treat one as somehow wrong or unworthy because ones style is not theirs! Of course, this same attitude is found in all sorts of places in life! Well written and well said!

  3. Dean English Dean English says:

    Hello Greg. I can hear your wrestle in these poems, the struggle to live happily among the ugly international work of psychopaths as they threaten what is good and right and necessary. Good luck.

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