A True Lady

Your eyes are like rainbows reflecting the colour hue, that turns to pools of deep wells that the most resistant would be hypnotized.

Your zest for life is empowering giving the will to succeed and be the best of what one can be, with a magnetism of a pull so great that brings a world of encouragement.

Your hair that glows in the sun, It brings the presence of radiance of unmatched beauty to form it’s halo, showing the form of grace and elegance.

Your heart as it flutters and beats to a beautiful symphony that echoes within, the purity that ensnares the love like a beacon that is both taking and giving.

Your face that is like a full work of art carved with masterful hand that chisels into the greatest of detail, with the warmth and smile of an angel.

Your personality blooming like a flower in spring, with the feel of a butterfly in flight slowly gliding as the air cushions and comforts the flight.

This is what I see of the most worthy lady of my life



I like to try different ways in poetry, I have only recently started to publicize my poetry. All good for a bit of fun. Don't think my poetry is personal as most is not.

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