Cast No Doubt

Fear is only in our minds but taking over all the time, there are those who love to hate but their dart cannot pierce unless you let it.

I found the road to nowhere but I’m trying to escape, but I thought I found the road to somewhere because I know there is something there for me.

I think, I think too much, even in reality people lose touch to their own purposes, but to focus of what will lay ahead can only build a bridge to reality.

In this hysterical realm I am myself and my soul is not for sale, beat the pressure don’t play the game that they test you.

Have you ever wondered how it all happened yet you have got get up and try, I’m not afraid of what others have to say, the only way forward is to advance.

Turn it around give it all, break the back and watch them lose it all, I’ve been watching and waiting, I’ve been searching I’ve been living, I now walk alive.

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  1. Greg.O Greg.O says:

    🙂 indeed it is

  2. Dean English Dean English says:

    walk alive is a great short command

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