Haunting Visions


I cant fight these visions they rain holy pain, you can feel my torment that drives you insane, yet I feel the same with what will burn into flame.

You can take it all away and make me whole again, you took away my shame but left the promise of pain to call out in your name, I feel restrained as the world goes black again.

The silence is what calls me just like spiritual food, the sky was battered and bruised where many things shifted and moved. Something that took flight wanted to take a bite, but retreated from the light.

They don’t know how to listen, they are blinded by division but no one should interfere with their decision, so shake the dust of your cloaks and feet that was you mission.

The screams are loud enough to shred me, but inside all the dread can be cast aside to become free, like animals in cage and kept in the dark and cannot see.

I wait for you like the ice on the mountain side, to come together with your plan like a surging tide, to gather what remains and the good that will open their eyes wide.

All i regret this noose strung up by wrong, the quick sand has no laugh and sucks you under for so long, there is no new day or the birds to sing their song.

What was sacred is fading into nothing but sadness, can you hear the sound of madness, broken souls into nothing but badness.

What I see is the rage of the beast our makers see him as the least, he coils and twists with a hunger to prey and feast, on those who he claims his mark, relentlessly his shadow so dark.

The darkest hour will not show you mercy of its power, striking those down within the hour, will they see that things are not right, when will they wake up and fight?

He is the master of the keep, the disaster waiting and keeping you asleep, he is the master that is controlling the sheep, you need to awaken from your sleep so deep, for what you sow you shall reap.

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