The World We Live In

I see the world In grey as the colours left me the other day, as the rainbow went from bright bar of light to a shattered cloud of the night.

I see the world of fire as the world of air left in despair, whisper of the air that was empty and said in fear, left to fire with meaning in which it burnt and scared with screaming.

I see the world of lies not truth that all despised, words that were spoke but in reality is a joke, truth was shunned away and was told it can not stay.

I see the world of the betrayed, they sit there scared and scathed, once love lived there in trust but now broken and tramped on because of lust.

I see the world in decay because there were no care the same way, when people needed to breathe life into, all they did was destroy and defecate and spew.

I see the world that could of been, but now all hope is gone it has strayed to far and wrong, what happened that we let the few destroy all we knew, topple them from their ivory towers remove them from their powers, install the good that we can do it is up to me and you, Just like the heart of a lover bring back all the colour.



I like to try different ways in poetry, I have only recently started to publicize my poetry. All good for a bit of fun. Don't think my poetry is personal as most is not.

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