The Fall Of Man

Can you taste the world, it burns festering inside of me.
Can you love at all, hating everything that it will always be.
They control the evil ones in those positions poisoning the society.
I thought it was me that was breaking to see right down the broken hearted machines.

If I had known the sings were forever, If I had a chance to show you it all.
Soul bound to try and save the prey from a wonderful life with the masters.
Leave it all can you love at all, with each dying day and all the seasons lost.
Beneath this wonderful life of the masters, shine the ray of light on those cowards.

The darkest times and days of our life, do not loose your self to those beasts.
The thought has revealed and named a few of us, I know this wrong to say I won’t bow down to the war they have waged on mankind.
I want hope and with a choice give them something to see here, Say what you want you have never lived it.

I tried to leave with my halo on but this drove me too insane, Right now I burst apart at the seams.
I see the devil and I know your name, to sink others lives so low for them to search for prey.
All the hope that is killed it slowly ends us, blood will find it as they always finds the way.

To tear us apart again it’s hard to see it clearer now, give us the time the time to refuse this.
To the dying day we hold the line the miracle of life to us all.
We are refusing what are you choosing, Can you kill the fall.

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