How lucky I am

Girl you are my luck charm, the one that gives me hope and aim as to who I am
You are incredible like a rose in bloom, I’m still trying to get a grip of how lucky I am
The sun shines brighter because of you every day, because before that my world was grey
You are the reason that there is spring with life a new, and so i really want to be part of you
As two bodies with hope collide to make one soul, to share the heart as a whole
My girl i will never let you down, you are my whole world, you’re like my crown
A queen fit for more than the world let me offer the moon the stars and the heavens
My life is humble but honest and true, but I would like to be with you
One day the earth and the heavens will shake as our hearts will race make no mistake
I hope you like this little poem just for you because your worth it your special your true

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