The Most Loved

5eddd6495c2ce198afd9c5d63f8d7fdad06a0d8cb92a288fcepimgpsh_fullsize_distrAs I look into the world of your eyes, I see the silent grace and the happy peace.
The beauty you have within and the most peaceful outlook shows your love of all.
You sing and you hum each day and the most happiest woman i know, as it brightens even the darkest day.
It is like the wind whispers your name and the flower open as you pass by, the birds sing to the highest they can as your life has so much meaning.
The passion you have for life and the care of other is unmatched, even the care you give to me feels like I am floating.
The soft touch of your hand and the sparkles in your eye, it says more than words and is like a big book ready to be read.
You are like the moon that controls the tide and your love moves the oceans of my heart.
You are my love, you are my life, and i will always cherish you forever.

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