My Angel Of Light

Your heart sings to me this beautiful wondrous melody, it is like spring it all come to life.
When I stare into your eyes for the first time, it was like being sucked into a whirl pool, but instead of drowning I did float.
As we held hands I remember the soft touch which echoed to my soul.
The waves that crashed as we walked a long the beach was like the rhythm of my flowing heart.
What happened that day was like a journey to heaven, where I seen the radiance of your inner world.
Though outside the world was Jealous, for us it was inner peace.
You are reason for life and your love is the air i breathe, the very need to exist.
The greatest feeling that there is, is being with you and nothing else can contend.
This is the the journey of love and I have never wanted more, you are my angel of light.

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Greg O\\\'Neill

Author: Greg.O

I like to try different ways in poetry, I have only recently started to publicize my poetry. All good for a bit of fun. Don't think my poetry is personal as most is not.

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