On Her Last Days

Don’t you let go but still I don’t know. it beaks my heart but pain remains.
just one last thought before you spread you wings the moment will never slip away, I know that you tried but still you are gone.
Close your eyes hear me say one last word, there is so much left to say though I never got to say.
You were a wonderful woman my friend my love, the tears fall like rain you are someone I will never replace, I will miss you so.
Something in the silence beckons me I must carry on, what a wonderful life I wanted you to know I loved you so.
As the night calls it so hard letting go of the space that now remains empty, all that you are the memory will remain.
Though the days have come to an end the beautiful memories will live on for ever, because of you I believe.
I will always remember you now and for ever more, I remember the years but i will try to walk tall.
As Long as you have been at my side what a wonderful life we had.
I just feel lost but lost is cease to be not carry on, Into light may you fall and into the light may you follow, find you peace tonight and soon my day will come.

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  1. Dean English Dean English says:

    Hello Greg this isn’t really a comment on any of your poems more of a greeting it is good to see a new face posting poems … lotsa rhymes …I look forward to reading different styles from you

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