Meandering river

My mind

is wandering

My mind

is clear

My river

is meandering

over smooth rocks

Rivulets split

into their own paths

much like mine

trickling over brooks


and finding crannies

Places to grow

and be nurtured

Lamb raw

Wild salad

Iodine on skin

Rock salt

blended together

with kumera

straight from the pot



over Coro

converted into

Shorty for the last night

My mind

is wandering

My mind

is opaque


in the wake

of serenity

Rivulets spit

out their own words

much like mine

pricking at your thoughts


your dreams

at night

My pussy is sorted

My space

is at ease

Blended together

with artworks

straight from the car



over new movie

on hard drive

yet to watch

My mind



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  1. peterlebaige peterlebaige says:

    Nice feeling olf the mind’s wander through this, and the form (the centred lines0 contracting and overfilling alternately reinforces with the river analogy, nice work Ms. Izzy Blue.

  2. Philomena says:

    The form and language flows ,love the cheekiness of its ending – just great

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