A poem for my vagina

A poem for my vagina

Nothing could be finer

My cunt

My pussy

is sweet

Like a flowering orchid





and travelling

It’s one route

Don’t shoot me

down in flames

Don’t play

your stupid games

Where would you be

without me?

My strong bold cunt


your useless front

Try to fuck me up

Why don’t you?

Haha…see where it

takes you

With your timeless guiles

your pretend smiles

Point your cock

in my direction

Doesn’t even rate a mentiob

While I’m down

on my knees

Your cock

I’m trying to please

What about my pleasure?

That you take

at your leisure

What about my vagina?

Nothing could be finer

My cunt

My pussy

is sweet

So let us meet

in mutual rendevous

I’ll put on my red shoes

Dance for you

so divinely

so finely

So…do I prick your conscience?


time to time

While I’m being


Well…Fuck you..

One thought on “A poem for my vagina”

  1. i like the line: ‘my strong bold cunt’, but have always disliked ‘vagina’ – too clinical; and the rhyme with ‘finer’ seems vulgar to me.

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