Unemployed artist

I’m redundant

Woman can reproduced themselves, with a few simple tools
found in any supermarket.
Or just made up, there’s no stopping this, it can happen
Men are seed carriers, we have become biological slaves,
the way woman were, the way we helped to keep them
for so long, woman now rise like the seas
and just take over,
being superior in all the things that are needed.

We don’t need to work anymore,
we have machines now, why are we still working?
Machine to lift, build and break.
Our asset, spent on a decorative
choice. Men the decorative dressing
interior cladding of a feminine public.
Man the extra, lost, x factor out there under the stars
will wana leave, is trying to leave,
burn up all the fuel on planet earth space ship
woman gonna shut him down soon
See the pipe lines in Dakota
play beautiful music.
we all going to play along.

Some men will stay, try negotiate a deal
for limited freedoms, a crack for light
seems only fair, ying yanged it
spent the father penny
at the market
now home to mother to watch her watch
you be beaten
another time.
Who’s home?

Unemployed artist

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