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Exclusive eyes

Exclusive Eyes


The changes in the temperature when they walk into the room,

my desires and my memories all hang upon a loom.


Exclusive eyes they do not care for me,

they see only beauty and it’s me they fail to see.

their sepia gaze drawn down from a million nights

as the world spirals down a thousand frugal flights.


Exclusive eyes are ones of indescribable nature,

sharp they are not, nor are they round.

Magnificent and present not unlike Panhellenic stature

but like these granite features, their meaning can never be found.


Exclusive eyes how they make me think.

What must I do? What must I be?

to make exclusive eyes blink.


They watch the turning world with the sweetest despair

and they see through me as if I were a glass of wine.

Exclusive eyes don’t have a minute to spare

but as time eludes me, the moment seems too fine.



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