You Are Not My Entire Audience

That music is turning my brain to mincemeat,
That Japanese chick screaming those lyrics,
“Bee bop around you”
Too much longer I can’t handle,
Vomit from the eyeballs at her sound,
It was going cool until she took the stage,
She’s lost the concept,
She was there once but not tonight,
She’s lost the moon whilst counting the stars,

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  1. A2Kdavis A2Kdavis says:

    Yeah, I was also going to point out that phrase ‘vomit from the eyeballs’…that’s quite envoking (for want of a better word), and mincemeat. Enjoyed the read 🙂

  2. peterlebaige peterlebaige says:

    I love that ‘vomit from the eyeballs’, it well describes a kind of nausea such sound brings on. ‘She’s lost the moon whilst counting the stars’, that feeling of only sonic details, no decent song (the big moon) which should be at the heart of it all Can relate this is a 100 of my own deafening experiences.

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