The Match

You lit me up
A stroke of a match
The flame
Needed warmth
To light my way forward
Enough to fall off the edge of the world

I fell apart
Gathered up the broken pieces
My hands cracked
Placed it back together

Shows I’ve been looking in the wrong place

I have no books or poems
For the political intellectuals
You scribe a wealth
I shouldn’t fight it
If I don’t know what is

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  1. Mark Prisco Mark Prisco says:

    i agree – the last 2 lines would go well in any poem, and what Peter says is true too. I like this Jason. Can I suggest ‘to light’ instead of ‘illuminating’?

  2. peterlebaige peterlebaige says:

    Seems different to me to anything else you’ve written, Jason, that’s a great opening image…my favourite is that second stanza…have been picking up the pieces myself a while now.

    I like that final stanza and those two lines….why fight against what you can’t comprehend…I think it applies to love.

  3. Dean English Dean English says:

    Like Susannah, the last two lines would go well in any poem

  4. I like the two last lines – they tie up the preceding verse very well. I think many of us have been in situations summed up by this poem.

  5. Editor Editor says:

    Yeah it is a bit the last 2 lines don’t work I think

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