The Bunkern

Sometimes you have to lead the way
Way back they went
West Auckland friends best off they lived
But the “funky fruit fly” and the musican go back further
250 years tunneled underneath deep deep deep
He’s trapped inside a bunker
Driving fruitless projects labeled a lost cause
Stuck in an underground cell
He is an independent cell
When you are trained as a terrorist
You become one
He missed the panther
Painting sessions the type of long lost souls
Am empty poet who slipped away
Her conversation now aloof
She bounced the jukebox
It had set free to his mind
Where it goes down a rabbit hole staircase even further
deep deep deep
She would be Queen if she had wanted
He knows it wont
He is a loner but he laments so what?
Tell him you know loyalty and respect
Tell him you hold the keys to these passages
He”ll pick those who earn it and the ones who think they have it
The people like him dead the those dying.


3rd March 2017


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