Lying in her long veils on the calm black water

Dreaming in her pallor of gold through splendid cities with fair hair;
pours burning love does he sink;
that by starlight! he sings and the woods sing!

In the wine of daylight the shivering willows.
– of her long blue hair, to love in the rose.
In a slumbering alder hemmed in by chimaeras.
– from violet forests: where the stars are sleeping.

Lying in her long veils, on the calm black water
into the deep ocean her great veils rising
the great dreaming swan but endless;

Into the ferocious tide rips, if there hurricane into the,
and a sweetmeat good of a flock of doves
trembled to feel, of silver waves




Poetry lover and writer.

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  1. Thank you Mark appreciated if you notice on the left of the site there is a ‘follow us’ widget that if you put your email in there you should start getting notifications of new poems posted again. It’s taken me awhile to get running but that should work for us all now.

  2. Thanks I remember after a telephone conversation with Terry Moyle one time his words about spending time on something and make it good that guy has a lot of good ideas this for back then this was one the first ones that took an huge amount of time after those words up until then everything I posted were one nighters here I was doing my best to copy someone angelic I spent 2 weeks on it trying I remember started out as being stolen, modified and modified 1000 again with my own personal/poisonous input

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