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I’m sick with



an ambivalence

I can’t express,

ever; one day

some fine/blade

may sever

that vein/for me

to tell, until then

listen well if you




Some…nameless one

remains: an inner eye;

living corpse, half-

hid in the

undergrowth; enemy

within, who knows

what I think, I thought

was stilled in his bed.

Do you turn

now to face that grave

fear? My bones

know there is no

end; some knot of

consciousness, a worm,

remains; a paradisal

vision; or, equivocal

figures quivering

the abstruse air of




The first Woman cursed us with shame.

Even today, children know this

ubiquity that spies them

with their flies down,

fingering fruit.  In 2 days

my little one turns 1,

untainted still, and beautiful.

I can’t begin to unpick

the abstract love, which is



Lucifer too is the victim

of an older tradition;

a Promethean who lost,

ignominiously shoved

head first in the ditch;

dead to me now.


Evil! how is all this


Mysterious, the hatred,

the wanton infliction

or accident of pain.


Nietzsche lost his mind to grief;

wept, his arms around that

cloven beast whipped on a street

in Turin.

I understand this.


And even this is

nothing in the so-called

scheme of things ,

and the hatred,

the laboring, back-

breaking; for acclaim

or money  is vain.



knew this; threw his

last crust to the wind

and birds;


I prefer

to drag my heels,

head bowed by the weight

of a cross I can’t bear,

to lay aside.


It’s madness. But,

Brothers and Sisters,

are you with me?


4 August 2015

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