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Dependable Ladies

Gracefully they move

up a path of flowers,

past the towering oak,

the laughing, bobbing

faces of fritillarias.

To each a stick, tapping

the fine shingle, brass

point raising dust for

sensible brown shoes.

Ladies of service;

carers and helpers:

nothing’s a bother,

ladies a plate. Please.

Dainty sandwiches,

cut on the quarter,

asparagus rolls, too.

Count of them, today

and all tomorrows;

count of them

when things are tough;

count of them always.

A caring sun-spot hand.

On yours. Lovingly firm.

They know what to do.

As we do not know

3 thoughts to “Dependable Ladies”

  1. So well said, my mother was one of such a gathering, and that ‘caring sun-spot hand’, as you say, someone to count on when the going get’s tough. It’s a whole piece of life you have put here, John, your compassion, and gentle eye that draws so finely around its subject.

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