September In New York


An Inside Job Description

My girlfriend woke on the 12th,
a bee-busy warm southern morning
in Spring, and turned on the television—
way out of character for her,
and she screamed, which woke me,
although she screamed often, squealed
actually, and she called my name
and we watched the two September
buildings’ twin collapse.

Again. And again. Such drama,
such tiny human figures
diving out of windows
to die on their own terms
at the emptied bottom
of Greenwich St. And soon
Conrad’s: The Secret Agent
went into a new print run…

The smoke
did look old. There wasn’t
fresh about



…the push for drones,
for chipped constabulary,
a little singing time
alone, between the world’s protective services,

this one
percent rule over 99,
pre Summer-time, pre-puberty,
pre actual, just-in-case,
as when the wild mass

down to the last blind
cul-de-sac, pre Babylon,
pre Market Traction: a.i.d & eh.

Post Folly, pre Prediction,
slap-hazard spilling & waste,
the taps left on for no reason,
the waste and disrespect
will take the sore, soft vandalism

over compewta clean controlled…
the under-fertilisation—
absurd preemptive strikes,
a Potus can, an a.i. sealed
upper atmosFear,

i.e. A,B, C.0nsc10usness
pro mass emotion engineered,
pre: triggers weird, re: acupuncture,
reflex-testing happy, est.,

molecular commands, the chemistry
vibrationally advanced.






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  1. peterlebaige peterlebaige says:

    I like Mark’s comment above (like a ‘beat’ rap in itself), that description in 8 of those figures diving out of windows to ‘death on their own terms’ is so poignant. Makes me remember the moment I saw it on TV in Beijing around 8:00 a.m., seeing but not believing….

  2. Mark Prisco Mark Prisco says:

    love the beat and assonance of 9. Full of yr usual slick verbal tricks, striking phrases (soft vandalism, i like a lot, for eg). Also like that bee-busy opening

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