Midnight’s Height

Note: Low Is The New High.

14.11.2016, 12.02am, the town where I live
experienced a 2 minute, 7.8 earthquake, lifting the land
by as much as 2 metres, creating, in the former
lowest Lowtide line, the new Hight Tide mark.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
In utter broken outage, in the blackness
whitened yellow silver, in the fullness
of those rare moons, at almost, for this,
bang on Midnight’s height,
we are thrown at the padlock of our fear,
dragged off our beds, and over chairs,
and we move through the glass-sprinkled air
of living rooms exploded
in what roaring primal Rage
of tectonic stress unloaded
in apocalyptic violence
Thought will not enquire into yet.
At sudden depth, the awful noise of rockets,
we are thrown into walls, and to our knees,
looking for our keys, our children, our devices;
like dogs on their lease, the Appliances
have pulled out of their sockets.
Samsung Sony Panasonic;
50 inch of shattered sonic
smartness laying facedown praying, so it looks
…like I have the time to think,
in the bone-cold terror of my death
appearing early, time to think
of Self, and only him, the I
from which we draw and hold
essential authenticity…But moving on,
we must escape, that was not enough,
after we’d been threw about our rooms,
hissing, in the waking interrupted, circled,
by the dust motes of seabird, the Ocean
had withdrawn, and I left
my favourite instrument, took Mac,
in my unprepared I left, in the stuttered
shaking darkness, in the black
unfocused areas Interpretation falters,
people hanging on inside their shoulders
as the roads fill immediately with traffic
negotiating cracks, and separations
between us disappear between the sirens
wailing monotone unmodulated messages
in our summer sleeping knickers
in headlamp and knucklebones
focused over steering wheels
hunting out a place to go, a narrative,
the Weave to stay strong.

2 thoughts to “Midnight’s Height”

  1. Perfect! The movement here is quite stunning in it’s projection. Perfect, is your delivery of ‘head space’ in the impact and aftermath. Something that few can express with suggestion only, without mention of the actual event.

  2. Wow, Dean, this ‘throws’ us right there at the ‘padlock of (your) fear’. Looking forward to rereading. Oh yes, how it seemed ‘death appearing early’. You put us on the mortal faultline!

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