in entering

caution: contains erotic content

a lovely little mouth
she wouldn’t take her top off
her apple-small breasts,
dormant in middle school
if you were to guess
had swelled with milk and feed
her children, then flattened
like two bits of quilted doona.

she’d shared the seat, behind
me on the bus, with another
from the library, we’d discussed
the subjects strangers probing do.
I presented her a blindfold.

I found, from when my hair
was long, the unused ties
I’d kept, as I expected
to mane again, eventually
…at first we kept her clothes
on, everything, skirt
shoes, but then
and shhh she purred
knotting the tie behind my head
we’ll get to that
here’s the glass and placed
my hand to where the ashtray
would catch the bottom
of the glass

and I squeezed and milked
her little oven
mitts, her ankle socks
through the lacy silk
as she rode, my rock
and tunnel, tuck and untuck
stick afloat
in the deep canal. a log, or leg,
lost from an amputee
as the tide released resistance
to the river
and the backlog beings
made of water make loosened
as emotion constipates we take
our fall, our summers, fallow
restive periods…

and soon, it wasn’t long,
a spilt cup, a never mind, a
line or two about the bind
secure, with her trust-established
roots, she let me rope their once
adroit erogenous firmness
in Time’s sensitivity to fairness
in a light, and un-filmed bondage
to a balloon-tight rubescent
bubble of strangled flesh
and I walked around the room
with her around my hips
the blindfold off, my neck
arterie throbbing in her lips.
as I bounced her on the spot
six inches up and down
around and round inside
the bones to hold the frame
a mating rubric after menopause

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