Diminish As An Act Of Re-Creation

Can’t find the words to link the verse
so I get up off the compewta
from the high-back brown three seater

and return to the painting
on the floor, not wet anymore
I missed the opportunity

to blend depth and a boundary
but that’s fine
I can’t decide where next

it’s an abstract, best
painted quickly
and it’s close

to finished
and I’ve started thinking
too much about a meaning

so I go outside
and lay in the hammock
watching the flag

on the neighbour’s pole
an expensive heavy cotton
in seaworthy excellent blue

the demanding red of blood
and the confident knowing of White
it is after work, Thursday,

and the heat this summer
is old school, long into the evenings
everybody has felt that

large silence in people
when we have no responsibility
following only our own habits,

sleeping and waking, eating
and drinking— a huge

behind the eyes,
and the immeasurable distance
between objects manifest

and the formless
energetics of Perceivers
where we cannot see

I had positioned
the days like laying dominoes
ready to fall

then I changed my mind
and reached ahead
to tip over a few blocks

to halt the momentum
and went willingly back
into paid employment,

diminishing myself, turning
down the silence




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2 Responsesso far.

  1. peterlebaige peterlebaige says:

    ‘Paid employment’ meaning that ‘turning / down the silence / within’ how brilliantly captured is that cruel reality. I like the ‘diminishing’ in length of line as well. One of your finest, Dean.

  2. john keast john keast says:

    Like it when the snares of everyday life are blended in to a poem.

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