clearing the wardrobe #1

the Past is an old
pair of shoes, or cement
filled footprints,
and I don’t want to care,
too much, about where
I’ve walked, so I’m going
to change this Poem’s metaphor
to one of playing monopoly,
but with people, relationships
traded for knowing something
instead of owning
it. you roll
her onto her side
and move the top leg
to like in the Recovery
Position, two eggs
brunching on the inside
thigh of the bottom leg
as you penetrate
and restore to a default
position a stillness
in ask-for-nought bliss.
that Past is ok for this,
it has some of the same delight
as in the amber coloured resin
coated floorboards, two people
toe to toe, stood sole to sole
on top of our own image, you roll
past Go with this game, and the afternoon
till morning of the Night,
sunset concluded
with a snap
of the neck
on the wine bottle
the cork breaking
inside, because
you explain, there was no
screw thing,
and the driver you’d used
you’d slipped
pushing in the cork,
but pouring
out the contents
through her stockings
not my good
stockings! she yells
they weren’t
her good ones, they
were the pair
you’d worn
that first day alone
in her flat
when she’d gone
to work
and you checked
her draws
no sleep really
dodging waking in that
empty inside out sensation
of coming off
a bender, day-long
drinking, at Dawn’s
midday, the stained
glass of autumn, pouring
the porridge of cement
of addiction around your ankles
and for 18 mths I clonked
around with concrete soles
refusing the Her it was this time
any babies, but who’d
I save yr from
I said, ya just don’t know.



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2 Responsesso far.

  1. peterlebaige peterlebaige says:

    Thanks Dean, I learnt the position referred to is the ‘recovery position’. Great image of those concrete shoes metaphor, the strained wine through stockings, the actuality of it all! The ‘stained glass of autumn’, what a fall of light in those few words.

  2. Mark Prisco Mark Prisco says:

    brunching on the inside
    thigh of the bottom leg

    is an image i might take to bed tonight

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