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Date Scones


Dates ….

those inexpensive Kiwi standbys

those thousands of sticky dried fruit

worked into thousands of masses of dough

like this indigestible slab.

It is giving me a serious dose of heartburn as I wonder…

who picked these fruit….

who are their names….

what pay to harvest these dates

what heartache…

for my

Date Scone

slowly disappearing under a

thin layer of butter from one of those

silly little containers …

you know the ones – they tear

and you hook the butter out with your knife…

I idly

think of the Date Pickers

the Tea Pickers

they who grind the cinnamon quills

into powder ….

which go into the

Date Scone


Amid the café buzz of unintelligible conversations

think of the Fresh Dates which cost

more than these sticky dried fruit…

The Date Scone

is almost a memory

save for the indigestion….

The Noble Kiwi afternoon tea


One or two of those dates

picked by the Date Pickers

are left beside a buttery knife

still encased in dough….

no the Dates not the knife….!

Think of the Date Pickers…….

Copyright 30.9.2010


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