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Count Me In

tonight – far from

the last

the one before

sometime later

where gleaming bottles

some near full

hang in mock suspense

in silent rows

high above the bar

– solid Rata


and it wasn’t far

to walk – ponder

but the mind it likes

tends to wander

to this – evening later


where the siren’s hair

could surely awaken

raise the dead

her breasts – good lord

tried not to look

and Jesus wept

– that lucky devil


she really thought

said she – that he

might have been

the one

though I reckon she knew

as the fairer do

that it takes two

– baby

but we’re all still learning

how to play


and things hadn’t been

all they could – should

might have been

she slurred

well no, my dear

they never are

her year from hell

she whispers

the eyes descend

into the pit

of no way back it seems

from the living

nor the dead

where Jesus wept




they come in three’s

said she

and so I thought

i thought ‘one more’

and her

on all fours would do

until they come

perhaps tomorrow

the one after

evening later


©Orion Foote, 2015.


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