Poems To Be Posted On The Daily Blog  


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12/08/2017 2:36 am  

Hi Team, I am delighted to announce we have been requested to supply a poem a day for As of Monday the 13th of Feb we will select one of your poems each day from either those posted directly on the site  or the poetry posted in the facebook group. We will run the project 5 poems a week Monday to Friday starting the new week the following Monday. This gives us a greater audience to promote your poetry The Daily Blog gets roughly 300,000 views per month and will give the art form a greater exposure. I have spoken with some of you so far about creating ebooks of your poetry which I hope to establish as a digital download of your work to be put up for sale on  . A modest fee will be charged for administration with most of the funds going to any of you wishing to take up this offer. Please discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding any of this with me, thank you for your efforts everyone it’s a privilege to have you all putting input forward. Thanks Jason


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