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no other weather

     no other weather raining as if there had never been any other kind of weather just this rain settled in on the volcanic hill cloud right down to the foot as if it had rained for a million years before there was grass there ever was a hill rain falling out of the sky […]

oranges and lemons

        oranges and lemons ‘oranges and lemons say the bells of st clements, oranges and lemons say the bells of st clements oranges and lemons…‘* a low sung afternoon i learnt that round on that concrete driveway now in rain a stone’s quick throw from the sea we held each other’s hands as someone stood […]

The Attic (first poem posted)

  My mind attic to my house, cluttered with antique furniture, paintings, books, boxes of pads of scribbled poetry, a grammar phone to listen to a collection of vinyls.   Dank and dusty yet nothing to fear of the memories embedded there   when its time I can escape ambulance chasers, attention seeking bible sellers […]