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Beached and boyant in the sun

The girls laughed and heaped more sea-weed on the luscious pile where Lavinia sat They all had scuba masks and snorkels It wasn’t that That made me grin, just their glee and yelps in high pitch The shore was busy with delight all ages played and filled my sight with happiness Waves carried brown bodies […]

Lovers outside

He peered through, the dust infested curtain. He recoiled,  coughed, And resumed. He focused his sluggish eyes, To a couple of youth. They approached each other, From land to sea; they touched. A kiss, a simple love; A childish romance. A tear trickled down the man’s, dried skin. Moments past, He forgot, The lovers outside. […]

Cleopatras Cats

What’s this deal Cleopatra did with the cats? Do they play trumpet in a jazz band? Why doesn’t somebody answer that bloody phone? Somebody said something off topic, They glanced at one another, Emptied the words gone to the wind, But her eyes met his, They both knew in unison what it meant,

Untitled 2.

Embers and flesh – light crept in through gritty city windows, night shapes loped along the street below. She shared shackles with him – her words licked their wounds raw, and he was stricken, alive with the ache. In shock he cast her out of the flames where she danced a staggering pirouette, lithe in […]


Mounting the out, skirts convening demons with an arch moon of bright thigh. Death sighed bloodlessly through her. Shook like a dandelion, she bit down – a mandala of lunacy and limbs. Death idly spun the wheel. “It’s a grim night for a reaper”, he moans “Another haunted Antigone” delaying fate for the enchanting torture […]

evening and

evening and evening was in those waters and the lights of far houses drawn d o w n like venetian blinds evening was upside in those waters held still over a running tide occasionally a wavelet would tread the damp sand and slip back into its sinking shallows the pohutukawa watched as trees do grown […]

house of ‘fab’

house of ‘fab’* to Paul McCartney at Mt. Smart           when was a boy who swam out of dreams every morning who couldn’t swim who played so hard in the dusk and ate like a dinosaur, one night i first heard you in our kitchen on the old black bakelite radio, […]

Breazey Dream

To walk in a field of dandelions and tall grass It was all going fine until we broke our backs He’s stuck there still trying to figure it out A dream catches a breeze Out the door and down the road she goes To begin living our dreams we must first wake up Modes of […]

The Field

Flanks twitch, gleam under winter sun horses – six a team, trailing chain and line, surge across the land; the ploughshare folds deep dark soil. Ten thousand feet trampled this earth; the ploughman, hat down and hands aloft, brings up the scent of time

not telling

not telling when i returned the land came closer the trees  gusted near me the moon as though nothing more than a small summer cloud through broad daylight watched me the land was ready to tell me the great secret since i had come then it all turned away in shadow from me nothing said. […]

Bloody Weather

An old man in a flat cap in a paddock. We have been here before. He told me then about the weather, how it stole the life from crops and he knelt into the soil. This time, it is still dry. A stunted dull crop leans into the ground from whence it came. It’s a […]

how soft

how soft how soft the dawn on drifts of birdsong rising how soft the light put to the sky to the tiniest darkness around you how soft you fall again into sleep how soft the whipped greys in that sky on a breeze that tell of storm beyond the ridge storm at sea how soft. […]