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mervyn merv worked in grey lynn in the shoe factory his job in the storeroom turning big uneven pieces of leather back and forth in mind on the wooden table to count out see clearly just how many uppers the flattened spread of the upper part of the shoe could be cut from one such […]

Prickly Little Creatures

I typed ‘hedgehog into Google to find facts about them so I could write this poem. Links kept leading to more links. Pulling faces at my screen and sticking out my tongue in disgust, I was feeling disappointed and about to give up. Clicking one more link I finally found useful information. Hedgehogs have slow […]


You might trace the eye-sockets of enemies   settled in the folds; curious samples of feet – the duck   or elephant tramping off the hem of the cliff. I loathe a modern home   set to cream on cream; a sterile soap pinching corners; eyes have   no place to comb. I like these […]

Sunday Float

Hungry for this seal at the ears, I roll in the pool.   It’s long since I shut you out, tipped my face to the sky and swooned.  I hear   the dry spheres of my breath.  Only,   under me: the avalanche aisles sweep; and the graze of the whale, less ethereal in the […]

A Man Of The Land

The crop has wilted to the earth No one told the farmer about Nature’s cruelty; how it breaks men This year was the worst: good intentions sown deep, then teasing spring rain Now it is almost gone – there is nothing for the roots to seek He holds the hot leaves and they have no […]

from Hail Gazers

‘I know, I know that through me it will go: Sadness which shakes not a flower, lifts not a shadow in pain’ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . whenever I live in or […]

Souls On The Wind

And when the wind blew their souls were scattered to commerce and funds They learnt here where the tall grass folds, in houses black with age They came to make a life in fields in a faraway town Now the cars rush by – The stays have fallen, the cupboards are bare Children wrote on […]

care of the river

care of the river to my paternal grandmother Edith Lilian Bagge nee Von Sturmer, died 13 June 1923, buried Aromoho Cemetry, Wanganui you rest over the road from the river at least your name rests there the simplest telling of any life the name we sign the best the worst of our doings with right […]

The Man Who Lost His Mind

His house was small, a wooden affair His front door greeted the nor-west; the wind at the portal washed his face of care It was rarely opened He preferred the small side entrance, past a little table and dying geraniums When friends called  (and that was rare) he would be in the garden, walking around […]

sunshower, moon

sunshower, moon i think i’ve always loved to travel most at the edge of the light dusk streetlight dawn sunshower moon a stained glass window of sky through hay in a fisherman’s breeze a bird’s cry off evening waters where words are more in their less november 2017 moonbridge

four doves

four doves that morning of rain the islands hard adrift in cloud four white doves on the shell by the waves coming lightly in flew off out above the grey washing silver slivered tide in an arc wide as the sea i tried to guess what four white doves could mean for me on a […]

beached and boyant in the sun

The girls laughed and heaped more sea-weed on the luscious pile where Lavinia sat They all had scuba masks and snorkels It wasn’t that That made me grin, just their glee and yelps in high pitch The shore was busy with delight all ages played and filled my sight with happiness Waves carried brown bodies […]