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BEAUTIFUL EMPTY SHELL by Sonya Young Sleeping in a bed of futility Restrained by society’s rules The moon is surly and bitter Her heart stained with fury A goddess of everything shallow Seduced by invisible forces Her reality now tissue thin A plague upon her mind A portrait ….a masterpiece Canvas torn and the paint […]

from Hail Gazers #3

I used to have a drinking problem: I always ran out before I’d had enough. Or I brought too much, and drank beyond the usefulness of alcohol—people getting drunk happily releasing as they go. I used to have a problem with unanimous. No day belonged to when I wasn’t really sure the Sun was not […]


A BLOODY INTERVIEW by Sonya J Young You were an elegantly dressed and well spoken monster in your top hat and white gloves All around you, candelabra on every surface…. with hot wax dripping lazily like slow, greasy tears sliding down a powder-pale face… You looked out through gauzy curtains which hung from a four […]


TILTED HALOS by Sonya Young Humanity is churning A seething mass, oozing around, at rock bottom The power had nestled Into the wrong hands long ago So the fear and intolerance That they imbedded into Your weary hearts Have caused the hate In your actions And now confusion Reigns supreme We are left With beautiful […]


WATCHING by Sonya Young I’ve been watching you people With your random acts of evil Fighting pointless battles With your glass swords… I watched the earth give birth But Mothers’ milk was rancid So you drank from the sea… The clouds and I have witnessed Your precious pain As rigour Mortis hardened Your decaying hearts… […]


THE CALLIGRAPHER by Sonya Young Sitting in front of a fireplace The size of hell Surrounded by musty leather bound books on old mahogany bookshelves the calligrapher pierced The flesh of his beautiful visitors With a gold fountain pen Stealing their stories Straight from their veins Before wiping his pen clean On an exquisite sheet […]

CARTELS by Sonya J Young

CARTELS by Sonya J Young Such an ominous soundtrack to a precarious life which sounds much like the devil speaking with foetus bones jammed in his throat Cigar smoke clogs the air and the men are seeped in Tequila There can be no guarantees of trust or loyalty in this home-made hell The only smiles […]


WOODEN SHUTTERS by Sonya J Young You curl up in the nest that you built from human hair, veins and tiny bones Guarded by angels with concrete wings too heavily burdened to even think of helping you A black chandelier swings above your weary head casting shadows on your already darkened dreams You close the […]

I Notice The Beauty Of The Black Road

And the white lines shining in the wet night-varnish now setting at dawn. I’d slept good, for where it was, the Karori Sports Club porch light on all night, and the beautiful restraint of the Alsatian police dog and his fit pacific handler waking me, bristled snout right up at my covered head, silent, sniffing, […]

from Hail Gazers #2

1 Come the cold, darkening afternoon, the Earth tilting the drinker toward his retirement, the folding travel armchair in the sunny yellow corner by the elongated arms of knitted winter shadow, taken backward and put into the box, the lid screwed back on the little Malt left. 2 You’re old enough to remember when licensed […]

Up The Valley

The nation’s loneliest building is anchored deep, steel legs wrapped in wire, and this looped on trusses. Here, the wind has no quarter; it roams and howls, tugging at the grey iron, bowing the walls. There is one inhabitant – a Land-Rover parked on dust. It is canvas and steel and wear plopped on thin […]


At the far gable end two small windows, which were barred on the outside, flanked a small narrow room, which was portioned off from the rest of the room. It was used as a dressing room for amateur dramatics.