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I am sorry

    I am sorry I don’t want to stand still I want to begin to crawl And walk, run and jump But the sinking sand stops me Me and all of my stars high in the heavens. I am sorry My heart is weak and I am weak without a heart My lungs fill […]

Cleopatras Cats

What’s this deal Cleopatra did with the cats? Do they play trumpet in a jazz band? Why doesn’t somebody answer that bloody phone? Somebody said something off topic, They glanced at one another, Emptied the words gone to the wind, But her eyes met his, They both knew in unison what it meant,

all souls, 1902

the dirty Thames. the dirty brown fog. i lie upon my bed hands behind my head. walk the boards watch the boats roll by. i’m   open to the voices on the street, wheels, the clatter that makes me glad to be, alone. my bones, only, weigh me down, my existential leanings. doctor,   12/12/17

the boy for you

is gone but   there he was, with   yellow hair, or brown hair &, the eyes are   any color you want.   december 2017


this is where i broke with, gave blood, lived beside the , clashed with, harmoniously.   lived here, & near the gutter fanned all night by, & my dissonant voices. dreams.   the rooms laid in. dark, in- articulate – source of its own fear, or.   here, washed by the intermittent silences, between

poems by the sea

the frayed voices. the murmurous waves. all i want is   to               *   if                      ~ i’m       if          you      ~ ~   i didn’t mean               to                     ~ ~ ~ but the            truth   is the truth is i didn’t want                            to know               if          you […]


is it hell to be here however long there is; experience the clutter, the silence of this room & nothing more & no-one comes, to love, to break my balls & me stuck in this scene, the same dead end: desk, a dis- used push- chair, extension lead, books, lamp, photographs, computer; wide-fingered spiders hold […]

Today I Found My Home

Today I found my army Tomorrow I plead my love of the cause I’ve been accepted in Today I found my calling I’ve levelled up Trolls are fake they fall by the wayside This is a better secret Today it’s become military These are my people I’ve searched for so long The blood that flows […]


Untimely death! The dog knows it, the owl predicts it; even the cat flaps an ear in its sleep, but you   know nothing about it, laid there as if. Did the crossword, picked a scab, your teeth. WT   F: I surmise WT deal is, why you crapped out – like a bulb   […]

Breazey Dream

To walk in a field of dandelions and tall grass It was all going fine until we broke our backs He’s stuck there still trying to figure it out A dream catches a breeze Out the door and down the road she goes To begin living our dreams we must first wake up Modes of […]

my situation

Two blackbirds, a speckled thrush & a myna casually shit upon the deck regular each morning, peck the wooden cat bowls & when I surprise them, leave.   I end up with these friends. I’m no Snow White but I do like to feed them which is my fault, I know. But who knows, because […]


Who will know what you did, the pride you felt.   It’s quiet when you’re gone. There’s nothing to do & no-one to talk to.   But dream. Maybe our lives unwind, slowly.