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Ali Baba (from the sky)

We are still under the sky, In the guest room; Beast and cryptic.   Everything crawls. A car flings us. I see one peeling The middle east.   Down there, it’s still Exotic; an open sore, With a mule-cart Full of gold.  

Still Loving

The quiet eye underestimates our ankles, soft against each other;   idles in the under- ground tavern I sweep in my mind, deep into corners and back caressing the wall.   I see mid-tones and heavy jaws of the dark; a few words sifted, careless. I’ve seen them.   I’ve seen you, fly into a […]


You might trace the eye-sockets of enemies   settled in the folds; curious samples of feet – the duck   or elephant tramping off the hem of the cliff. I loathe a modern home   set to cream on cream; a sterile soap pinching corners; eyes have   no place to comb. I like these […]

Sunday Float

Hungry for this seal at the ears, I roll in the pool.   It’s long since I shut you out, tipped my face to the sky and swooned.  I hear   the dry spheres of my breath.  Only,   under me: the avalanche aisles sweep; and the graze of the whale, less ethereal in the […]


That was it He gathered his pipe and retired to his cottage Thought of the money/health wasted on ill repute And thought how he wasted the other half He turned his kerosene lamp to ail the dusk Looked blankly lost at first But started with an old pad scribbling by hand The cat had his […]


You exist in the poor length of my second toe, our lip and Irish eye that pinks upon the island air.   I’m bored cleaning corpse from empirical floor.  I pack jaws that don’t speak, at doors to centuries.   Sing – give us wars that ring in your elbow, sting of injury, and porous […]

Me; Orator

Tell me, stranger –  your eye amplifies me – Are my words away though,     as I hear them? blown out      damp as the night air.   It’s owned in my brain; tight until I speak             and ooze. An ear of mine cranes, in exile – a dog. It can     not    near    the master’s voice […]


The beautiful beginnings of your arrival to my world and the world slows down as we go. Its all discovery, its a special faze that our thoughts collect with the same connection. You are that someone that digs at my heart when I look into the eyes of an angel. The sun is shining I […]

…. Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end, Where did it begin and where will it end? The voice that spoke, ‘Let there be light’ from chaos, void, where the spirit brooded, rang throughout the universe. An instrument of the divines’ voice, Tis music to those with ears to hear. Cockles and bells on […]

Eternity waits.

She woke to find him dead, Her mind went blank, Time ceased, Shocked, Cold, She stood, Eyes wide, Looking at the lifeless body, Cold and forever still. The air rings with the silent question, Why? There are no answers, None that mend or satisfy, Destiny’s seed Snuffed out, Never known, The joy of relationship, The […]

A Brother like No other

I have a brother, He plays keyboard in a band, Ronnie is his name, He’s my brother, He’s like no other. I watch while his friends jeer, Call him crazy, I cringe inside, He’s my brother. He wilts quicker than others, They say Ronnie’s a sissy, Call him crazy, Call him a girl, They tell […]

Hello Friend

  Playing my old guitar , Old days like dead stars, falling apart Memories hold me back, they’re trying to Steal my dreams away I’ve never seen such a lonely heart, making my six string Rot and stale. A broken guitar Broken from inside and outside I can hear the screams of pain that has […]