I am

I am fire

I try to burn my way home

I see nothing but the trail of embers in my wake

I understand I can supposedly grow and nourish things in the ashes

I explore this possibility tenderly yet

I am fire

I feel the sorrow of things that could have never been and the loss of things I should have never seen.

I hear the cataclysmal crashing of the trees that are my dreams

I create nothing from something and

I wonder if I will ever create again or just burn out

I am fire

I know I was an inferno, but I am now only a candle in the wind and yet

I still pray to an uncaring, unlistening host of divinity for my soul back

I hope and I scream for it.

I am a small flame.

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  1. A2Kdavis A2Kdavis says:

    Nice eye catching intro here. I really also quite enjoy the meander back and forth of the positive and negatives of fire, and the build on from there to your closing line. I find it’s motivation-ally wise 🙂

  2. john keast john keast says:

    Not only fire, but on fire.

  3. Azzuen Berge Azzuen Berge says:

    Thank you, I’m just trying to get everything back on track 🙂

  4. Editor Editor says:

    Great post Azzuen good to see you back

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