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Adrift-‘the sea comes and re-writes our lives’-anon

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I’m drifting with the wood upon an ocean
fleetingly viewing all I see
the deep and deafening rising of the notion
that we all are struggling to be
The jetsam of a wish to be a pilgrim
the refugee we wish along on side
an aide to help the derelict devotion
in giving help and loving without pride
the depth of all the blue threatens to drown me
Jonah an the whale has me to carry whole
swimming with the fish he appettises
regurgitated ebbing with the shoal
The tide re-writes the life that we are living
The moon and stars of heaven pull us too
I’m in love with all creation’s bounteous cargo
Sending clouds of sails to wing and woo
I have no craft of genius or wisdom
yet receiving /giving love is all I do.


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