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remembers less

There’s no time.


alone. we don’t mind

the black sky

wide. i have

an eye on a star not

especially prominent.

low in the South. it’s cold.

the last night of the year

& i might be high

on lithium. i’m in

1979 &..



I’m up. get hit again/

5/4/ & I’m down/

3/2 looking up

at a star not

especially prominent/

1/ & I know but

can’t place the

face O my daughter! what now?

where do I go

& with Whom & what for?

2 thoughts to “remembers less”

  1. Seems too good to be true, to me, amico, your penmanship seems to be getting mightily sharp of late!
    That ‘don’t mind / the black sky / wide’ is like the gaping of a freshly dug grave, stops one ‘dead’!

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