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∞ My tale is in the telling, not the closing ∞

Roger Smith

Ink that writes upon my mind, what might I find?

Beneath oceans where blue holds me in
Drawing the causeway down to shadows black
Across paths made anew
Rising from the waves like a plastic bag
Happy to find a mad sun shouting in my face

Dreams and stories cross collide; they co-inside

Meeting with what was and what I dare not imagine
The surface of water confused by my reflection
A slight infection?
And though the waves once raced to greet me
They now run away

Dragon eggs in strange locations… my fascination

Here my own virus rears its head
Or is it only in those other eyes I feel misplaced?
My destination lies on the hills
To leap green pastures upon scaly wings
Flames and calls to the unfamiliar

Good and evil imagine nations, I must have patience

No fear of losing what lies before
Armed to the teeth these mass formations
Riot amongst their own
Yet after all they are my creations!
Set the sun and rise another morn

8/6/16 © Copyright R Smith 2016

(The first line of each of these four parts originally made one lyrical verse. This felt like I had done it too many times before, yet when I broke it up into four pieces it began to tell my story…)



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