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tectonic anomalies

1 five December two16— the PM key stops turning— resigns. 2 prepardernin Hindsight. tv cameras from helicopters, army supplies. the sluicing rains have closed the only functioning road. 3 located where I work, a landfill on a plateau, our store of clothing, blankets, was busted into (by my landlord, in fact, in his 4 x […]


After all; I am Possessive.   I should. Be alone. It stings. A year. Before. I’m grown.   Listen to the wicked wave hiss. It creeps up; whores.   I’m bare as a white sheet.    


You gleaming like water evaporated by cause, I blew the chalk dust from my hands, Late on his deed, it was done, It became another clown prince dream, For us, time was a myth. Under the street lights at night, The fine art of the distant moon mirrors my empty hands, Hands that bled at […]


Where does sound go & when does it stop? [Note to self: research this]   I saw a boy with his hands torn off – a still, on impact.   The next shot is a girl opened wide; the mouth, the eyes call – .   The moment solidifies, is livid, remains what it is […]


filled     for Keikei   heard in the warmth the leak of cricket into summer a tap of darkness that can never be turned off the more you try the more it trickles soaking up through the dry grass of the hill and the wind filled us with secrets our hands told each to […]


suffering gives reason to believe & not to. i’m bedevilled meanwhile   by symbols, images of death, martyrdom, memory, the clump   of body blows, curved steel on flesh; the severing of a boy’s   consciousness. i choose not,   not because it’s rational, but as protest.   i have striven not for correctness, philosophic […]

Let’s walk back..

Hold my hand, Let’s walk back.. Along the brinks of memories Across the rivers of tears Over the petals of hopes Under the clouds of dreams Passing through Harsh winter Lonely autumn Tear-filled summer The warmth of love in colorful spring To where we met To rewrite the moments Let’s walk back..

going somewhere?

The cat’s fur lights the dark on the other side of the glass. Her tail   disappears, like a swish white dress or a   fish, infinitely Dear – darkness   shows me …   Decidedly, I’m pre-Aquarian. I tell you I have flown   over sea & mountain. During the brandy, half dead,   […]