Monthly Archives: August 2017

common ground

do you like the way the fronds come alive when the light falls and the wind stirs? how they wave –   worm tails, white your eye stilled in the darkness of my room.   huh, it rained all day and the sun shines 5 minutes before sun-down, but.   the first stars,   sky


I drink wine. Think, This is my blood.   It’s good. Put down the glass close shop satisfied I’m insubstantial.   More god than man. I was at   the laundromat lost in the hum of tumbling colours. I was   nothing. Drove home more god than man.

her loneliness

it’s lonely, i’ll tell it, it’s lonely there & you’re too sore to think.   II i’ll describe the crooked lamp shade later, the tears of paper, cracks, chipped dinner plates, years of slog for, this? & that on good days you figure it doesn’t much matter   in the long run; the black stain […]

clearing the wardrobe #1

the Past is an old pair of shoes, or cement filled footprints, and I don’t want to care, too much, about where I’ve walked, so I’m going to change this Poem’s metaphor to one of playing monopoly, but with people, relationships traded for knowing something instead of owning it. you roll her onto her side […]


reflection       for N. in mem.  caught out times i see a face and see you as you were fixed into another life completely part of it completely safe there opening a window selling newspapers smiling at someone making a joke not even knowing what happened here never happened not ever knowing it all ended […]

night animals

Me & the cat saw a possum scamper up the plum tree by our letter box. We raised our gaze in the quarter light & spied it on a high branch, a silhouette against the smoked dusk sky.   & last night, as we shared a smoke, the cat & I, on the veranda, we […]

The Chairman

The chairman seeks more. Sales, he thunders. His belly shakes. He lifts a finger: we have to try harder. Everyone, it seems. But you. The secretary takes notes: the man’s a louse. She knows there are bodies in the bottom drawer. Take a note: all branches – His voice fades to her ears. She knows […]


REINGA   Brave light in a foul wind Squinting in the mist, signposts everywhere Voices of the land, sea and sky Echo in the birds cry.   Some deep and ancient but not for me. Some violent ugly and black – attack. Some of a strange peace from a foreign land. All from Reinga – […]

inferno 2

The sign nailed to the front gate says Welcome, all those who enter.   The ante-chamber’s lit by the pale eyes of dead souls with no way out or in: attendants with nothing to give but themselves, which is nothing.   The library shelves the most extensive collection of old scholars who trudge the circular […]

river nurse

river nurse for Claudia, Bethie and all the nurses in whose care we come & go she had lifted them into coming the wet the just learning to breathe she had seen them off the old the broken with a hand gentle down over their eyes she said she knew whenever we talked of the […]

dead man stuff

I wear yr shoes work boots you left good as new & yr coat I hung on the line   shook yr drawers for pills loose change gold fillings rings tender notes   frm yr son Dad not the best but mine & a photo of him I laid aside   for now nicotine gum […]

Yellow Petals

Sometimes, those left alive, they are bound. Sharing an odd sense of relief and slowly, together, wading through their grief.   And others, the others, they are torn apart Become possessive of their pain a pain so big, they cannot share, because they think it is so unique, it is theirs and only theirs.   […]