Our Night With Santa

It was the night before christmas there was a funny sound there was santa stuck in the chimney and couldn’t get down. He wiggled and jiggled but he wouldn’t come lose so we tied him to the reindeer and tried to bust him loose, the sound of the panic the sound of the shame, poor old santa I don’t think he will be the same.

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If Hope Was The Sky

What is hope? When it is gone there can be none. Where there can be none then there is no existence.
If it were like the sky things would fly by, as this sets the feeling in change as we do with in.
As sure as the sky will show day and night, hope will come and go but what it breeds we do not know.
When the sky turns grey will it rain? It may, but if one looks out the window what may look bad may still fade away.
When it rains it may pours but it will only last as long as it does no more. Eventually the clouds break and the sun shines out, revealing more not doubt.
Storms they come and go, some have been struck in that turbulent time. Is that the end? No the sky will still change and move without a doubt, it will blow away and eventually die out.
So if you are having trouble and pain what do see when you look up, even in the night sky there are stars that flicker real bright as it is the light with in the dark.
When the sun is out it is shiny and bright as it lights and warms and bring life to our soul. The sky is also blue it can make you feel calm hope is there it will never go while it is blue you never know.
There are so many things you cannot see but believe me it changes you must see, It is not forever but the sky will always be free to see.
When the wind blows it can change the land and just with it you may have to plan because what comes next you will never know, it’s a journey of life there is always more things and stuff will come and go but hope and the sky will always remain forever.

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The king of Despair

The night is closing in and the storm rumbles within, who is he don’t let him in he is the king of despair.

Your heart wants to scream and shout but still no sound comes out, who is he don’t let him in he is the king of despair.

As you sit there boxed within the glimmer of hope dwindles very thin, who is he don’t let him in he is the king of despair.

You sit there broken in sin, he twists those knifes deeper within, who is he don’t let him in he is the king of despair.

Within your life he will try to gain, to make his throne room and you insane, who is he don’t let him in he is the king of despair.

Bitter and twisted he watches you grieve, while he splits the shadows and plots and weaves, who is he don’t let him in he is the king of despair.

While he sits there with his crown over his horns, to come over you to block out your light just like a cave to see those who morns. Who is he don’t let him in he is the king of despair.

Your mood that blacks out the night, you make him more powerful and his goal in sight, who is he don’t let him in he is the king of despair.

As hurt and damaged as you are, the only thing you can see is your scares, who is he don’t let him in he is the king of despair.

You don’t have to answer his door, you can make him beg on the floor, take the power back and you will see him begin to roar. The light is stronger than darkness and very much more, he will crawl back to the shadow and you will see him no more. As the birds whistle and tweet, you realize how blinded you were but no more because now you are on your feet. Who was he? He was nothing but sin twisted and contorted and battered you within, but now he is nothing but was the king of despair.

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A True Lady

Your eyes are like rainbows reflecting the colour hue, that turns to pools of deep wells that the most resistant would be hypnotized.

Your zest for life is empowering giving the will to succeed and be the best of what one can be, with a magnetism of a pull so great that brings a world of encouragement.

Your hair that glows in the sun, It brings the presence of radiance of unmatched beauty to form it’s halo, showing the form of grace and elegance.

Your heart as it flutters and beats to a beautiful symphony that echoes within, the purity that ensnares the love like a beacon that is both taking and giving.

Your face that is like a full work of art carved with masterful hand that chisels into the greatest of detail, with the warmth and smile of an angel.

Your personality blooming like a flower in spring, with the feel of a butterfly in flight slowly gliding as the air cushions and comforts the flight.

This is what I see of the most worthy lady of my life

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All To See

Please say you can see

The clouds hung


A strip of bleached gray

Shape-shifting, dripping;

The way the leaden sky

Draws us in,

Tortures the imagination.

It is all before you.

Close you eyes


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Above the wind

A chord


A bow on string?


More like

A woman’s song



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