Midnight’s Height

In utter broken outage of the blackness
whitened silver
in the fullness of those rare
at almost for this bang on
Midnight’s height
we are thrown at the padlock of our fear
pushed face-first to front the primal build
are thrown off our beds and over chairs
to move through the glass-sprinkled air
of living rooms exploded in what primal Rage
minds will not enquire into yet.

Are thrown into walls and on our knees
looking for our keys our children
our devices like dogs on their lease
the Appliances

out of their sockets a community
of clouds performing strangely
looking on their handiwork
samsung sony panasonic
50 inch of sonic
faux divine creation-rights
shattered hd smartness
laying facedown praying so it looks

like I have the time to think
in the bone-cold terror of my death
appearing early time to think
of self and only him the I
my only eye of which the We
draws and holds essential authenticity

that was not enough we must escape
after we’d been threw about our rooms
in the Waking uninterpreted
in rodeo like movement
the Ocean had withdrawn and the dark
line obvious in moonlight
was in a common language
unnecessary to interpret.

I left my favourite didge and took the Mac
in the stuttered shaking darkness of the black
areas Interpretation falters
people hanging on inside their shoulders
the roads filled immediately with traffic
negotiating cracks and separations
disappeared between the sirens
wailing monotone unmodulated messages
the actual words within it insignificant.

And in our summer sleeping knickers
in headlamp and knucklebones
focused over steering wheels
hunting out a place to go
a narrative the Weave to stay



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This Plain

There is nothing on this plain:

But thought

A snide wind

A wide-eyed gecko

A hare’s dust

The shadow of a hawk

An escaping light

A crooked-arm hill

A lover’s swale

Now, too, tears

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Mother’s Torment

Her hair is surf-sea waves

crossing an ashen face.

Who is she now her colour is gone,

and her limbs are weak?

Recognised and not; alive and not,

a thin gown riding her bones,

a buzzer in a skeletal hand.

And where is the family now,

now that she has fallen, now

she is cast and cast aside?

No photo, no hand clasped,

no one to moisten her pale lips

now the breaths are weak.

Just a man afraid of death,

scared to touch his source of life,

to say, even now: I love you,

to stroke the blue pulse of her hand.

He forgets her struggle; he forgets.

Her company is loneliness

and a fraying cane chair

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Eternity waits.

She woke to find him dead,

Her mind went blank,

Time ceased,



She stood,

Eyes wide,

Looking at the lifeless body,

Cold and forever still.
The air rings with the silent question,


There are no answers,

None that mend or satisfy,

Destiny’s seed

Snuffed out,

Never known,

The joy of relationship,

The unrequested gift


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Flickers of Light

To roam those miles in your eyes,
Through the lands of your devouring orchids,
Covered by lavender and purple orchids,
Your garden hides your daughters,

A bloodline of high priestess sovereignty,
You choose the path you take,
Your rights to status marks your best choices,

The flickers of light behind each eyelid,
My heart thumps each drum beat,
Those are my eyes how could they know,
Because they know what I’m hiding,
This paranoia is becoming intoxicating,

I fill my days with 8 thousand variations,
Clip art impersonations and cups of tea to wash away the toxins,
Boolean logic fated by a roll of a dice,
No path certain,
No fate met.

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Under A Hat

I became him under his hat,

felt his voice rise in my throat

and felt his smile on my face.

We shared part of a life.


And then he went, bent with pain.

At the end, he tried to joke.

He said a man in another bed

came to pray.

Yes, he said, pray if you will.

And the man fell to his knees

and reached for his hand

and asked for healing, except

that it was beyond God.


What with the cancer

eating his gut, gnawing his will.

He said, before the end

that a man had been shifted

to a room alone.

Well, he said.

You know what that means.

And next day he was in there,

facing south



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that man

      that man
              to Leonard Cohen RIP

that man
in his elegant
disguise of
took us down
to the river
that twisted with
light amidst long
runs of darkness,
that river sounded
like a whisper into
the microphone
of dream,
ran with the
strength of a
lover’s body
all the length
of touch,
ran over
sunken gardens
and that stone
carved deeper
than the night
with the name that
can never be said
that his people
lost and carry ever
in its loss

we who
loved the
spoken edge
of you

12 november 2016

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They’re no use: the obtuse

facts have nothing to do

but twiddle their thumbs and,

hum in the dark.




Our love is mute

as the moon tears


the lilac sky

with her horn;


adorns the void

between us –


mere idea

in the womb.


In this early phase

we’re 9 times


more likely to conceive

some fabulous


thing no Man

can imagine. Our kiss


too is twice

as nice and as


hot at night,

on the eve of a new


working week,

rising to 2.2


in summer.

It’s true. Your thighs


loosed, and your eyes,

found a darker shade


of blue. You sighed,

turned to one side


and the scent

of broom


found the gap

in the crack


of the pane and came

into the room.


In the heat of it

all, I saw


Saturnine rings,

as the Martian


fire crowned the stars

of Libra.


That might not be solid

fact either, but who cares


when years from now

beneath the white


light of a full moon,

there’s a 1 in 25


shot you’ll take a stroll,

stop to fill the hole


in your head with stones

and plunge like a stone


in the river? No-one

saw , but a man


out with his dog

thinks he heard some


wild call.

I’d just turned


the television off,

looked at the clock


and peered at the gaps

between the stars.


In the morning, you’re

nothing at all, and I


half that, which is

no kind of fact,


but so?


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to be someone

up like a dog

all night, in the damp

flat, an ear for a knock

on the door or

a horn in the fog

of a car park,

some vacant lot,


in my hand hot

banknotes. i become

someone i’m not –

an ace Face, leant

against the brick

wall out back, men

come for. i lost


surplus weight, trimmed

to a mere 9 stone,

6; nevertheless

me & my mates

ran the length

of the main line,

on a high naturel


of fresh air &

pills. i got sick

of all those girls

and boys, and all that

noise; cured again when

the Man


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Just an Old Fashioned love Song

george-faith-and-lydia-and-i-2014I’m just an old-fashioned love song,

There’s nothing extraordinary about me,

I believe in Jesus,



My neighbour.
In today’s world,

Where faith is jeered,

Marriage is scorned,

Children are considered annoyances,

I walk out of step,

The song I sing is quiet

Yet strong,

To thy own self-be true,

It’s hard to live true to myself,

I disappear

When I’m left with the stranger living inside me.
An old-fashioned love song,

That’s me,

Feeling odd,

Feeling strange

In a world going another way.


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